Give smart payment cards to employees, and automate expense reports while simplifying company spending.

Xpensio Showcase

Amazingly simple and effective expense management solution for your company!

Company cards for Employees

Company cards for employees

Empower every employee with individual cards with a set spending limit per user. Giving youhave full control and visibility over your company spending!

Automate reports

Automate reports instantly 

No need to wait for your expense report at the end of the month! Yours just became fascinatingly instinctive and efficient. - and saves you tons of time!

Realtime spending

Real-Time spending Overview

Eliminate overspending and be able to turn on real-time notifications and track every transaction anytime, anywhere!

Empower your team while staying in control

  • Issue physical and/or virtual cards to your employees
  • Define spending limits for every card user
  • Fund cards on-demand and in real-time, or set periodic deposits
  • Disable or enable Xpensio cards instantly
  • Restrict card use based on your business rules
Spending controls

No more lost receipts and tedious paperwork

  • Real-time notifications when a Xpensio card is used
  • Easily capture and match receipts with the Xpensio app
  • Automatic categorization of all purchases
Automated expense reports

See where the company money goes-as it happens, when it happens

  • 24/7 live dashboard access
  • Get real-time notifications when a company card is used
  • Set up rules and approval process for every purchase requests
  • Receive alerts for potential fraud and unexpected transaction
Realtime spending

Bookkeeping, but way better

  • Automated invoice recovery and matching
  • Instant payment categorization
  • One-click export to your accounting software
Painless bookkeeping

Full control for finance teams

  • Track purchases from order to payment
  • Define custom budgets per teammate
  • Set up clear approval flows for purchase requests
Full control

Easily connect Xpensio with your accounting system


Xpensio works seamlessly with various accounting systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks. You can now import all expenses and associated data with a single click.

I manage people, not expenses

Make company spending simple and easy as it should be. Xpensio offers company cards that automates expense reports.

Xpensio app and card

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